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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ray Rippelmeyer- 1962 Washington Senators

Ray Rippelmeyer, who played for the Senators in 1962, the Louisville Colonels in 1959, and the Evansville Braves in 1954 sent a great note to me recently!

He says, "I spent a lot of time playing in Louisville as an opposing player in 57, 58, & 61."

Ray tells me that he was the opening day pitcher for Louisville in 1959, but it was cold, and he felt that he did not do well. He was sent to Atlanta after 5 weeks and an ERA around 5.

He mentions that he played against Louisville, while playing for the Indianapolis Indians, in 1961 and he had some success, as they beat Louisville for the pennant that year.

Ray did something else very cool in the area he says. "I also refereed several games for Denny Crum."

Ray also mentions that his buddy Doug Flynn lives in Lexington! (Jimerado's note: Doug Flynn is an asset to the area!).

Mr. Rippelmeyer says that he has been to the new park in Louisville as a roving coach for the Mets!

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