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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Al Raffo- 1969 Phillies

Al Raffo played for the Phillies in 1969. He let me know a great story recently.

"In my only win as a 27 year old rookie, I came to bat with the bases loaded" he tells me.

Jim Bunning was pitching for the opposing team, the Pirates at Forbes Field.

Al drove in 2 runs!

When Al proudly returned to the dugout, he said to Bob Skinner, his manager, Pretty good hit, huh Skip?"

Skinner mentioned that he noticed Al's backside "in the dugout."

Mr. Raffo notes that his manager obviously noticed that Al was nervous, and backing away as he hit the ball.

"However, I'll have you know, that later I also squeezed the runner on 3rd in and managed to pick off the newly acquired Freddie Patek on 1st!"

Al's closing comment is, "How do you like them apples, Skip?!!"

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