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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bob Meyer 1964-1970 Major Leaguer

Bob Meyer spent a few years in the majors, starting in 1964 and ending in 1970. He played for the Yankees, Angels, Kansas City Athletics, the Seattle Pilots, and Brewers.

He sent some great info recently on his very interesting career!

Early in his career, Bob was compared to Sandy Koufax by Whitey Ford, and he also got some great compliments from Yogi Berra! He actually pitched against Sandy in an exhibition game in 1964.

Bob has the rare distinction of loosing a one-hitter, while the opposing pitcher, Frank Bertaina won- also on a one-hitter!

Bob talks about being on a great pitching staff with the 64 Angels (the Yankees traded him to LA).

I love all of the history of the minor leagues. I am especially fascinated with the legendary team, the Hawaii Islanders (Dave Baldwin talks a lot about that team in his book, "Snake Jazz" mentioned on this site). Bob Meyer pitched the first no hitter in the history of Hawaii Stadium as a member of the opposing Vancouver Mounties. He mentions that Al Michaels was calling games for the Islanders at that time!

Thanks for all of the fnu info Bob!


  1. Jimerado --- Al Michaels here. I happened to catch this note. All true. I announced Bob Meyer's no-hitter against the Islanders and also one pitched by the Islanders' Bo Belinsky (!!), which earned him one more call-up to the majors.
    Great memories.

  2. Hey Al, I am glad you stopped by! VERY GLAD!
    I think that the history of the Hawaii Islanders is begging for some more attention. I would love to read a good history book on this team.

  3. Great post. I am in the process of making a few entries on my blog regarding my interactions with Mr. Meyer as well. Please stop by if you get a moment.