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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book: Carew- Rod Carew

I read Rod Carew's book recently.

Rod's career was over by the time I became interested in baseball as a kid. I remember following Rose, and Gooden, like every other kid in the 80s. Later on you read up about Mantle, Ruth, Clemente, Cobb and others. Carew was still around in baseball, but not playing. You could almost look at him as an underrated legend.

Anyway, I was glad to read this book to learn some about him! This is a fun, and a bit unusual read. The edition I read was written towards the end of his career, and he talks a lot about other players, managers, his personal life, etc. He adds an afterwards at the end of the updated edition.

The oddest point in the book is Rod's endorsement of tobacco! It is a little strange, but at least he is being honest.

Sometimes, an afterwards fits awkwardly in a book. That is the case here. Rod's daughter Michelle dies of leukemia and he says that his marriage ended. This is very sad because, in the book, his family seems so supportive and together. Obviously the story of his daughter's death is very sad.

Still, hearing about that early Twins team and Rod Carew's climbing the baseball ladder through hard work and a good attitude is fun to read about.

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