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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bowling Green Hot Rods

I did swing by the Bowling Green Ballpark in 2009, before it was completed. I have tried to get back each season a time or two for a game, but I have not been able to mostly because of weather. Well, recently, I was finally able to catch a game there!

I have always thought that Bowling Green was a great town. Plus, it is so close to the cave area, and even has some cave's right in it (Lost River Cave, for example).

I think the town has taken some of the momentum that Owensboro once had. I think a minor league ballpark is a perfect example. I am very glad the Owensboro has the Owensboro Oilers now, but the town came close to see a professional team a few years back when the Frontier League thought about putting a team there. Well, Bowling Green finds a way to get an affiliated team to come to town!

Bowling Green has done a great job with this park, and with this team. The park is near the college campus, and a little ways off from the mall. It is close enough to the stuff you will want to see in town, but still in its own space.

So, we arrived at the ballpark about an hour before the start of the game. I asked at the ticket window for seats under a roof area as there was a drizzle going on. We got two great ones for $10 each behind home but covered! Perfect! And, in my books, a good value.

The guy running the gift shop seemed knowledgeable about baseball, the team, and the park. EVERYONE that I talked to at the park seemed proud of their association with the team and they acted happy to be there.

Bowling Green Ballpark is not a park with all of the bells and whistles you see at other parks, which, in many ways, is nice. Physically, I might even describe it as standard. Let me clarify how I feel a bit- it was pleasantly traditional. They have a very nice, spacious concourse area, a bar, and a nice gift shop. It doesn't have the loud, obnoxious, cluttered feel some parks can have.

Concessions were more than reasonable. We had two souvenir cup drinks, and two dogs (quality dogs too by the way, not the 6 in a pack kind). That was around $12.

I had heard that the park uses a lot of netting. Personally, I hate netting, but it is appropriate here as the park has a smaller feel, and the seats are close to the action. I did not mind the netting as much as I thought I might. There are some areas on the sides with no netting too.

As we left the park, a staff person thanked us for coming out. That was nice! Again, the staff seemed happy to have each fan out at the park. Other parks, take note!

Oh, there was a marriage proposal at the game I went to too! Very nice!

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