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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kim Andrew 1975 Red Sox

Kim Andrew played a couple of games for that great 1975 Boston Red Sox team!

Kim let me know a little bit about himself recently.

He says that, since he lives in the LA area, he usually gets the Dodgers games. He is pretty busy these days though, so it is hard to watch them. He usually sees the highlights on cable.

Right now he says that he has no favorite teams.

He did meet Ryan Braun a couple of years ago, and he has followed his career. He feels that Braun is putting up some good numbers and could eventually make it to Cooperstown.

Mr. Andrew spent some time playing in Italy and I asked him about this. He said it was a fun place to play and to visit, but it was not much of a challenge for him. Plus, the country's main sport is soccer.

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