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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tennessee Smokies near Knoxville

I FINALLY had the chance to catch a game at Smokies Park near Knoxville!

I have been through the area before, and I have stopped by to check out the park, but the times before have been on non-game days.

There are a lot of things to like about this park and this team. The park has several very unique features.

The Smokies have one of the coolest souvenir shops around. It is very upscale, unlike some teams that have a kiosk, or stand. They have a great selection of hats, shirts, jerseys, etc. They have always had game used jerseys for sale when I have been there, and they offer game used bats! Their programs are very attractive and reasonable at $2 each.

They have some unique items too, like baseball clocks.

There is a very green hill behind the outfield wall. I like a nice city skyline view at a park, but I love green too. It has a very relaxing, rural feel to it.

Let me take a moment to mention the hotel where we stayed. There is a great Hilton right next door to the park. Walking distance! These days, I have a personal preference for Hyatts in general, but this is a really nice, friendly hotel.

Plus, many of the rooms have a nice view of Smokies Park! I talked to the Assistant GM Timothy there for some time and he was great! The place almost feels like an independent place more than a chain.

Oh, the legendary Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas are close by. Very close to the park here are a great Bass Pro Shop and some other cool little shops.

I did have a little trouble at the concessions. I got a pretzel at the pretzel stand. they did not have cheese, but they said I could try to get some at the main concession area, depending on who I talked to. My drink mix was a bit off too. Then again, it was a hoppin' day when I was there. They were busy.

They do have a cool, refillable cup program thing going on. You buy their travel mug for $10, then refills are a buck after that.

The park itself is just really nice. It has a nice open feel, and it is spacious. You can have a seat on the grass area about the outfield wall, AND you can walk all the way around the park. That is a feature I really appreciate at any park.

So, check out these photos! I will probably be back here soon!

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