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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Michael Veeck

The legendary Michael Veeck sent me a nice, long letter recently! I was very glad to hear from this minor league innovator!

He tells me that his favorite minor league team is the St. Paul Saints, as he is very involved with that team right now.

His favorite major league team is the White Sox. His son is currently working for them!

Michael mentions that he has also worked for the Marlins, Tigers, and Rays.

His all time favorite players are Early Wynn and Larry Doby. Currently, Jim Thome is a favorite, and he says that Jim is a great home run champion.

Michael mentions Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" as a great book.

Thanks Michael! What a great note! I agree with everything! Jim Thome is such a great player with legit numbers! I became a fan back in my Cleveland days.

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