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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wild Pitches

Check out this witty article from Kevin Manahan and the Star-Ledger:


The Yankees tried to move their AAA team to Newark for next year only, as their current top minor league team needs a new home since the park in Scranton-Wilkes Barre will be renovated during 2012.

The Mets objected, as they play within a close distance of Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium.

The Newark bears of the independent Can-Am league play there now (I am not sure of what their plans would have been if the AAA Yankees came to town).

This has been a great few days for baseball fans.... I hope your team(s) made it. Again, I am pulling for the Tigers, but I like all of the teams that made it this year...

I have mentioned that Cliff Lee is my guy too, so I hope he does well with the Phillies. Oh, did you read the article in Sports Illustrated this week about Cliff and Philadelphia? It is a nice article about the fans, and their relationship with Cliff and the other pitchers with the Phillies right now.

AND.... how can you not be inspired by the Rays? WOW! Joe Madden is simply the coolest guy in baseball these days.

Were you watching the various games on Wednesday night? TELL ME that the baseball gods do not exist..... I thought it was odd too that Red Sox fans everywhere were pulling for a Yankees victory! The Sox don't need another jinx.... They really just got over the curse.... Maybe a Ted Williams stamp could bring them some luck next season?

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