A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Detroit Tigers- Comerica Park

Comerica Park is easily one of my favorite major league venues. I would rank it in the top 3.

It has a big spacious feel. There is a lot going on on the inside, but you don't feel packed in like at some other parks.

I know a lot of purists hated to see the old park go (and, there is nothing sadder in my opinion than the death of a great old ballpark) but this one is lively. The staff was great and the fans were on.

Outside of the park was a little iffy. We did park within a few blocks, and we were hassled a little on our way in. I was cussed at by an aggressive scalper whom I ignored, and several people asked for change. A couple of guys claiming to represent a veterans group asked for a donation, and a guy tried to sell me literature about an alien invasion from space. Seriously. I did not make that up!

That is part of Detroit's charm, I guess. I did see plenty of cops so the whole thing felt safe.

Still, when we got inside of the park, there was the stadium photo guy who asks to take your picture, so you can buy prints online later. Our party was in such a state of continuously telling people "no" and trying to walk away that we continued that with the photo guy.

Once we got in and got settled things were great. I casually chatted with several vendors and staff people who were all helpful. The fans were fun and the atmosphere was exciting.

I love the great tiger statues around the park. The growl and glowing eyes of the two on the scoreboard are just too cool. The huge stone ones outside of the front entrance have to be looked at in person. These aren't just cool statues of giant tigers at the ballpark, they are complicated works of art.

We walked all around the park and there was something exciting to see at every angle. You can see a lot of the city and the old buildings from about any seat. Detroit does have an amazing skyline. Plus, Comerica Park has a lot of rides and lights. It has a bit of an old carnival feel in some areas.

I would call this one of the best MLB parks for several reasons. Seating is comfortable. If you have been to a lot of parks, you know that at some you feel like you are looking down at the action if you have seats in an upper area. Other parks space the seats out better. You feel like you are looking across at the action, even if you are looking down. Comerica is that way. You don't feel like you could fall straight down at any moment.

I also like the vibe inside of the park. With the skyline and the fans, you never forget that you are in Detroit. Along those lines, I appreciate the odd characters outside of the park too.


  1. Are there any current Detroit Tigers with UK connections?

  2. Hi Anon, thanks for stopping by my blog! Baseballreference.com can help with this question.

    Try the link above- it shows which teams have drafted UK players.