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Monday, July 2, 2012

Primanti Bros.


We visited a Primanti Bros. Restaurant (the one in Monroeville) on our recent trip to Pittsburgh!

Our friendly and full of character waitress refused to let us order anything but one of their famous sandwiches!  We started to look at other sections of the menu, and she insisted that we stop.

We figured she probably knows what she is talking about, so we ordered.  I had a corned beef- at her suggestion/insistence.

One of us asked for cole slaw on the side.  Again, our waitress said that would not be possible.  "Trust me." she said several times.

We did.  I can say that the next time we go, we will share a sandwich.  I can take a nice sandwich out pretty easily, but I could not finish this one.  In fact, I had to knock off the fries (slaw and fries are right on it).

I think one sandwich and two sides might be enough for most couples.

They had a lot of Pirates memorabilia on the walls too, which was VERY cool in my books.  It looks like legend Nellie King contributed to their collection!

They had free postcards (showing their giant sandwiches) too!  I thought this was a great promotional item for them to give out, AND I thought it was generous!

I sent out a couple of them to friends who will likely be in the area at some point in the future.

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