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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Washington Wild Things Washington, PA

We absolutely love Consol Energy Park in Washington Pennsylvania.  There is something very special to me about a very small park in this area.

The park is really only a half an hour or so outside of Pittsburgh, making it very easy for a baseball fan to take a weekend trip to the Pittsburgh area for a Pirates game one night, and a Wild Things game on another night.

This park is very close to the local mall.  Washington is the kind of town big enough for a mall, but barely.  There are things to do in the area, but it still has a very rural feel.

The Wild Things have a nice, green skyline going at their park.  I love this!  I like an urban skyline too, but a hill with a bunch of trees on it is so relaxing!

Plus, you still have Pittsburgh close by.  You can still go and see concerts, and do all of the bigger city stuff you want anytime.

Personally, I think Washington would be a great town to live in.  It is close to a beautiful city like Pittsburgh, but it is still far enough away to have its own identity.  It also has a nice smaller mall, and a Frontier League baseball team!

The vibe at a Wild Things game is very local, and very community oriented- like at many minor league parks.  Thats fun.  People seem to know each other, and even if you are an outside you are treated in a familiar way.  The team seems to be OK with tailgating too, as I saw a lot of that going on!

The staff at this park has always been friendly too.  I usually stop by customer service or chat with someone in the ticket booth.

A popular item at the Wild Things game was milk and a cookie!  I know the Florence Freedom have milk and cookies too.

I saw fans lining up a little while before the announcement was made.  Then the line just got bigger.  I think they sell milk and a cookie for a buck!  If the line wasn't so long I would have gotten in on that!

What a great tradition to have at a ball game!  Plus, its affordable!

For some reason, it seems that the weather acts up when I am in Washington.  It just got a little windy on this visit, but I was there once when a rough storm came through- I think it was in 07.  A very solid opera singer performed the National Anthem and it seemed like the storm hit as the singer hit her last night.  It was spectacular!  As she finished the haunting version of the great song, you could see dust clouds come up in the outfield.

I would love to hear form anyone who was at that game.

If you are a baseball road tripper and you haven't been to Washington, you need to go.  The city is a perfect example of what a minor league town should be.  Not too big, locals are friendly, and a scruffy style of play is the norm.

AND, I love the Frontier League.  Its just the perfect league that struggled early on, but has now solidly established itself.  Unlike some affiliated leagues, they still appreciate your business.


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