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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Miller Park Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My FIRST game of the season was in Milwaukee!  The Brewers played 2 exhibition games against the White Sox at the very end of March.  We caught the second one on our recent trip around Lake Michigan!

I have now been to MANY parks, and believe it or not, this was my first trip to a domed facility!

I had a strange experience where I was walking around the concourse, and then realized that the field was actually right there.

I didn't have that moment where the sun suddenly hits me, after walking through a concourse and I know that I am about to see some baseball. 

There is something very odd about this the first time you see it.  It doesn't seem natural.  At first I felt like I was watching a game inside of a gym!

AND, I do like seeing a great city skyline at a game.  While at a park, I love looking out and seeing the city.  Can you imagine going to St. Louis or Pittsburgh and seeing a baseball game in a dome? 

But it works in Milwaukee.

It has its own unique appeal and beauty.

It was a very cold day outside while we were there.  Still, taking heavy coats in to a park is always a hassle.  I asked a guy in the parking lot about the need for coats inside; he assured me that we should leave them in the car.  We left them in the car and that was the correct choice.  It was very comfortable inside of the park.

One of the VERY cool parts about this exhibition game was the fact that you could get a GREAT seat for $10!  The same seats would probably be around 50-60 during the regular season.

Getting to the game from our hotel was a bit chaotic, as there are some road work issues going on in the area, AND almost everyone uses 94 to get to the game.  I was prepared somewhat for this thanks to Kurt Smith's e-guide, which offered warnings about traffic in the I-94 area.  Still, it was a bit of a headache even several hours before start time.  Still it was not as bad as some other areas traffic.

Once at the park but still just outside, the famous sausages from the sausage race were hanging around for photo ops!  I thought that was great!  The five sausages were spaced out, and getting a photo with one of them was very easy.

This park is very family friendly, and friendly in general.  The fans were pleasant and cheered for the home team, but I did not hear any inappropriate comments or threats directed at the White Sox or their fans.

In fact, I saw many groups where a few in the group were wearing White Sox gear, and a few were wearing Brewers hats and shirts.

I also saw a lot of dads with their sons and daughters!  VERY sweet!

I liked the fact that a parent could bring their child here with little fear of an overly aggressive crowd.

There was a lot to like about this area.  In fact, I am not done talking about it, but enjoy these photos for now.

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