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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wuerfel Park- Traverse City Michigan

One of the things about road trips is that sometimes you find yourself in an area with a cool ballpark during the off season.

When we recently travelled through Traverse City Michigan we found ourselves in that exact position.

As is my habit, I decided to still stop by the park and to say howdy to whoever was there.  Luckily, the cool folds who work for Wuerfel Park and the Traverse City Beach Bums were happy to show me around a bit!

It was early in the morning on a cold early April Day.  Snow was still on the ground. 

It was very easy finding the teams main offices.  Wuerfel Park reminds me a lot of a nice resort type place.  It is the homiest park I have ever been too.  VERY comfortable!

Tom Goethel, the F&B Director at Wuerfel was extremely accommodating.  I told him that I would love to have a glimpse of the field and I would like to make some purchases from their gift shop if I could.

Tom very kindly took me through his office area (see photo) and out through the balcony to see their amazing diamond.  Even with a ton of snow in some parts of it, you can see that this place is very special.

Tom must have the all time coolest job!  My lifetime dream is to have a job where my desk is right next to a balcony (maybe 4 steps away)- with a view of a beautiful ballpark!

I cannot stress enough just how cool Tom's office and balcony view was.

I chatted with Tom briefly about the fact that I have been to some of the Bums away games in Florence.  He made sure to find me a schedule so I would know when the Bums are playing in Florence this year.

There is something I really want to stress about visiting parks like this in the off season.  We stopped by Traverse City expecting to see a nice little town, and a nice little ballpark.  Well, we found an AMAZING CITY and one of the nicest ballparks around.  We are already itching to get back to the area ASAP to see more of Traverse City, AND to see Wuerfel Park on game day.


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