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Monday, June 9, 2014

Brent Powers

I got a really nice note from A's organization pitcher Brent Powers the other day.  He was very kind to tell me about his career so far!

Brent says that playing for the Lake Monsters was fun.  He says it was a fun city with great fans.  He enjoyed his years there.

He says that he grew up in Texas as a Rangers fan.  Now that he is with the A's he jokingly says that he feels that might be a conflict of interest.  Ha!

He does say that he misses Texas, as it is a great place to live, and his family is there.

I asked about Beloit and he says that the area has a small town feel and he described it as a hidden gem.  He feels lucky to be a part of the team, as there are some great players there now.

I asked Brent about baseball books, and he says that when he was growing up, he read every book on Babe Ruth that he could.

Concerning Kentucky, he says that he has never played in it, but he has played all around the state.

Thanks Brent!  Good luck!

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