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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tim Dillard

Brewers organization pitcher Tim Dillard sent a very kind note recently about his career.

Tim expresses that he appreciates support as a player of such an awesome game!

He has been a fan of many teams in his life, but at this moment, he is a die hard fan of his current team, the Huntsville Stars.

He says that the Nashville Sounds (AAA Brewers) are a special team to him too, as he considers that team his home team.

I asked him about his brief time in the Atlantic League.  He says that the league is very professional and competitive.  He mentions that many former MLB players are there.

I asked about his experiences in or near Kentucky.  He says that in 2012 he played in Cincinnati.  He had a burger with an egg on it and he also enjoyed some Graeter's Ice Cream.  At that time he also went to the Creation Museum.  He thought that was amazing, and he asks if I have been!

I have- see my entry on my other blog about that visit-


Thanks for the GREAT note Tim!

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