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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cy Buker- 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers

Cy Buker played in the majors 65 years ago! During WWII he was able to spend some time with the Brooklyn Dodgers!

Cy VERY kindly sent a great note to me recently.

I asked Cy about other players, playing in Kentucky, and some other things.

He told me that his memory is faint these days. He says that he remembers playing in Louisville, but he can't remember the name of the hotel his team stayed in.

He says that he had all sorts of records relating to his career but they were stored in an attic. He rented the house out, and the renters cleaned out the attic.

Concerning playing in Louisville, he says that he remembers flooding. He tells me that, as the teams train would come approach Louisville, all you could see was water.

Also, when his team was scheduled during Derby- things would get wild.

He spent four years in the old American Association, and he says that he enjoyed every minute of it.

He says that Louisville always had a good ballpark with long fences, and well maintained grounds. He says there weren't any parks better. He enjoyed pitching there.

He mentions some of the other parks he pitched in. He mentions Minneapolis was brutal for pitchers. He says you could almost spit over the right field fence from home plate!

He says that Columbus, Indianapolis, and Kansas City were OK.

Cy, thanks for the letter, and all of the info! I appreciate your taking the time to write!

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