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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doug Clarey- 1976 Cardinals

Doug Clarey played for the Cardinals during 1976.

"although my major league career was relatively short, I cherish each and every memory. I am a very lucky and blessed person to have had the opportunity to play professional baseball" he tells me.

He mentions that he now lives in LA, and follows the Dodgers, though he doesn't stay up on all of the current players in baseball right now.

He mentions that the game now is very different from when he played in the 70s. He feels that change has been influenced by the huge salaries the players are paid now.

He feels that players in the 70s were more fundamentally sound than the players now.

I asked him about the Holyoke Millers in Massachusetts. He says that he remembers Matt Gilante was his manager, and the town was charming. He enjoyed playing there.

Doug mentions that he is one of the 13 players who had short but successful careers mentioned in the book, "A Glimpse of Fame" by Dennis Snelling.

Concerning Kentucky, he says that he doesn't remember playing in Kentucky.

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