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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Craig Cacek 1977 Houston Astros

Craig Cacek made it to the majors with the Houston Astros, playing in 7 games in 1977. He recently sent me a very nice note!

In his letter, he recommends reading Roger Kahn's "Good enough to Dream." He says that it is a fantastic book about the minors.

He also mentions that he loved reading "Ball Four" as a kid.

Craig says he is mentioned in 3 books- "One Hit Wonders" by George Rose, "The Portland Beavers" by Carlson and Andersen, and "Nearly the Greatest."

He mentions that he never had a major league baseball card, but he had some from the minors from 77-82.

Concerning his favorites, he says that he loved the 62-68 Yankees growing up. He especially loved Mantle. His other favorite players were Kaline and Rusty Staub.

I specifically asked Craig about playing for the Charleston Charlies. He says that he loved playing there, and the fans were great. His two favorite cities were Portland and Charleston.

About Kentucky, Craig says that he never played in the state. He also clarifies that he has never been here, but he would love to see the horse country and the Derby.

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