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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mike Rogodzinski- 1973-1975 Phillies

Mike Rogodzinski sent me a very cool, and very honest note recently about his time in baseball.

If you read my blogs often, you know I love reading books about baseball, and baseball with a connection to Kentucky. Mike let me know that he was part of a book about Jim Bunning by Frank Dolson.

Mike said that he loved playing in Reading for the R-Phils. He hit one of the longest homers in Reading Municipal Stadium history. Mike said that, at the time, Maris was the only other player to hit the ball over the right field wall and into the street. Mike says that experience made him feel great!

I asked Mike about playing for the Mud Hens. Mike said that he didn't think much of playing in Toledo.

I also asked him his opinion about the way the game is played today.

"Players today can't do any of the things that make the game great."

He says that pitchers can't bunt, outfielders can't hit the cut off men, and defense is non-existent.

Hey Mike, thanks for the note!

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