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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sam Bowen- 1977-1980 Red Sox

Sam Bowen played for the Red Sox from 77-80 in a few games. He also spent a lot of time with the AAA Red Sox team, and he played EVERY inning of the 33 inning game between the Paw Sox and Rochester Red Wings!

He mentions that Dan Barry just released a great book about the game!

Sam tells me a great story about Kentucky. In his first year at AAA, 1977, he was in spring training and his team had no home. The previous year in Pawtucket, the owner bankrupted the team! Boston had to find a new AAA home quickly!

Well, Louisville was the leading choice, and the Red Sox had been there some time before. Sam says that right before the AAA Red Sox broke camp for Louisville, the AAA Pawtucket team was sold, and the new owner paid all debts!

Thanks for the great story Sam, and for the tip off about the new book about the longest game! I picked up a children's book about the longest game when I visited McCoy Stadium a few years back! I am glad a new one is out there!

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