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Friday, January 21, 2011

Akron Aeros 2005 Eastern League Championship game

Here are some pictures I took at the last game for the Akron Aeros (and the Portland Sea Dogs) in 2005.

This was the last game of the championship series between the 2 teams. The home team Aeros won.

I mentioned that I caught the Sea Dogs at their home field earlier in the year. That was just a legendary AA team. The Aeros were great too, but I know the Indians let go of a number of guys from that team that seemed to have "it" to me. There were some guys on that team that I expected to make it to the show that never have.

Still, this was a fun series. There was a good atmosphere that night, but, unlike the playoffs and championship games at higher levels, the crowd was a bit small in my opinion. Check out the totally empty bleacher seats in the photos. I love how nearly everyone dances during the playing of the YMCA (I am still not sure that song is appropriate for ball parks, but most play it- AND they play the uncensored part).

I took several pictures of the Aeros celebrating after their win. I love how the board in the background is a bit off. That is so minor league. And, finally, the photo of the Sea Dogs bus after the loss. I am sure it would be a long way to Maine for those guys. That's OK though. I am sure most of the team thought about their future major league careers on the ride home.

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