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Friday, January 14, 2011

Don Wert 1963-1970 Detroit Tigers

Don Wert had a great run with that legendary 60s Detroit team. He ended his career playing briefly for the Senators in 1971.

Don took the time to send me a note recently!

He says that he doesn't follow any team closely these days, though the Phillies and the Orioles are local teams. He does say that he will check to see how the Tigers are doing.

Concerning his trade to Washington, he says that he was notified by a call from a sportswriter. He says that he really didn't get a chance with the Senators.

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  1. I enjoy the Bob Wright Baseball History Podcasts on my drive to work, and listened to the Don Wert podcast today. Here's the link for those who are interested: http://baseballhistorypodcast.com/2011/07/05/baseball-hp-1127-don-wert/