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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lexington Legends Ballpark Tour

This past weekend, the Lexington legends hosted their annual Fan Fest!
The Legends are my home team, and I try to get out to the park every chance I get!
Being that we are still a month or so away from
opening day, I am really itching for some baseball!
I appreciate any fan fests or other similar events hosted by teams in the off season.
This was a very fun event. The Legends had some games around the park for the kids, they had free snacks, beverages, and a nacho bar!
The main attraction for me was taking a bit of a formal tour of the park! I have been here many times over the last several years, but there were still areas I had never been through.
The press area was very cool. Like many minor league parks, you can sort of set in front of the press area. It is behind home and up a bit.
I remember a time at another park that at times draws small crowds (its in Huntsville). The crowd was well under 100. I watched some of the game in those upper seats behind home. The team's radio guy had the window opened as he watched and called the game. I was able to listen to the game, not on the radio, but live. THAT is one of the things that makes minor league baseball so
Seeing the locker room was nice too! Our tour guide let us know that Roger Clemens very kindly purchased some new items for the clubhouse when he was in town!
I have taken tours of many other parks, mostly at the Major League level (see my other posts here). There is a noticeable difference, to be honest. Still, I was surprised at how well kept the areas were.
A tip of the cap goes to the Legends for hosting such a cool event!

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