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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Manny Sanguillen

Going through the history books, I can find few characters in the sport more interesting than Manny Sanguillen.
If you live in the Pittsburgh area, the guy is a hero simply for his efforts during the 1970s.
I know there is a lot of hype around certain Reds, Yankees, Red Sox, A's and other teams of the decade, but that was one cool Pittsburgh team.
I have mentioned it here before, and I think the 70s Pirates, and the loss of Clemente are very human moments in baseball. Clemente wasn't acting like a star when he tried to get supplies to needy people in Nicaragua, he was acting like the caring person he was.
Clemente's death affected his team/friends in very human ways. Manny did not attend the funeral so that he could search for Clemente.
Even now, Manny is a fan friendly guy in Pittsburgh. He is accessible at games at his food stand at the park and other events.
Sure, his career was impressive- and he is still an impressive asset to the Pittsburgh community.

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