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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pawtucket Red Sox

Several years ago, we stopped at McCoy Stadium to catch the Paw Sox!
This is a great old park with a nice, mature feel to it.
When we went there, I wasn't taking hundreds of photos the way I do now, but I still took a few.
I thought it was cool that they had banners up of several former Pawtucket players. I remember Wade Boggs and Calvin Schiraldi picture/banners up. I thought those were really cool.
Pawtucket is very proud of the fact that they hosted the longest game in professional baseball history. They had a banner out front with the score of the game on it. The gift shop also had a childrens book about the game. The game was 33 innings long.
The field dugouts are in the wall underneath the grandstands (so, they are literally underneath where the fans stand). This has forced fans and autograph seekers to use methods similar to fishing to get autographs. See my photo! I think this is a very cool tradition.

One other thing about this area, and really all of New England- the fans care about the game. I remember having a conversation with the guy next to me about the pitcher. Other fans were obviously keeping score and watching the field.

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