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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Florence Freedom

I was able to get to one of my all time favorite parks a few days ago for the first time this season!

I really love the Florence Freedom and the Frontier League.

The who atmosphere is just a lot more casual than at even some single A parks I know.  The staff and the players are more calm and cool.

The players have more to prove too and they play a bit more aggressively.

The Freedom play at such a cool park.  There are funny paintings on the walls in the bathrooms and their between inning stunts are a bit more entertaining than at some parks.  I love the eyeball race.  I love their mascots too!

The park in Florence is another one of the great lower league parks where yo are still in an urban area, but you feel like you are not.  The outfield area overlooks the very green area of town.

Plus, I like Florence.  They have a nice mall, several nice food places close by, and they now have a Half price Books!

On the day i went, the Freedom were playing my other favorite Frontier League team, the Washington Wild Things!  Washington's coach, the legendary Lenny Randle was hamming it up and entertaining the crowd before the game!  He very kindly jumped the fence at one point and went to the stands to sign autographs!

This is easily one of my all time favorite teams and parks.  I think a lot of people over look the indy and smaller league teams which is sad.

The Freedom offer great deals on tickets, have great promos and affordable food items.


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