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Monday, June 25, 2012

Babe Ruth Museum, Baltimore, MD

In front of Camden Yards in Baltimore is a very humble statue of a young Babe Ruth.

Near the statue, painted on the side walk, is a baseball with the phrase, "The Babe Ruth Museum" painted on that baseball.

If you look down the street a little further, there is another identical baseball.

Near that baseball is another one.

You can follow the baseballs across a couple of streets, down some sidewalk paths.

Two and a half blocks from the statue is the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum!

They have obviously done a lot of work building around the original Babe Ruth birth site and it looks great.

The very nice staff at the museum showed us exactly where the original house started and where the new construction was, explaining some of the original house structure.

One of the many priceless features of this museum is the room where the legend was born. 

You can't see that somewhere else!  That room can really never be shipped off to another museum.  There is only one birthplace, and this great museum has done a great job of keeping it up.

Other great items in the museum included game used equipment, autographs (including what they believe is the earliest example of a Ruth signature) and items from movies filmed about the Babe.

Oh, I mentioned before about how great people in Baltimore seem.  At this museum they have some great characters who love sitting around and talking baseball and other sports.  I really love that.  The staff here works here obviously because they love it.  We chatted for a long time with some guys who have been around Baltimore sports forever.  I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say about baseball, the Orioles, and the history of it all.

Baltimore is a must stop for any baseball fan at some point.  And I think there is no doubt that you must visit this museum.


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