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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sports Legends at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is such a great sports town, and there is a lot of baseball and other sports stuff to see and do right next to the ballpark!

We wanted to visit this museum and the Babe Ruth Museum on our visit to Baltimore.  For timing reasons, we realized we would not be able to visit both on the same day.

I talked to the guy at the ticket desk at Sports legends and explained that I would like to see this museum on that day, and the Babe Ruth Museum the next.

I am not sure exactly how their combo ticket works, but he was very accommodating, and dated our tickets to where we could use them the next day.

We would actually encounter several people on this trip- at the ballpark, the museums, restaurants, etc. that were just pleasant and helpful.

This museum was full of great Orioles memorabilia, Ravens items, and there was a great display on the old Baltimore Colts!  I enjoyed each of these areas.

Obviously, I was there to see the baseball related displays and this museum had them!  In fact, I don't think there would ever be a need for the Orioles to have a museum on their own, as this place only feet from the park satisfies that need.

The Orioles section alone would compare to other baseball museums I have been to in Cincinnati, Kansas City, Atlanta, etc.  A baseball fan could spent a good chunk of time in the baseball section here without going to see the other sports areas.

There were college sports sections, amateur baseball displays, and some areas devoted to other sports.  I know some might enjoy these sections, but I pretty much walked past them- and I still spent a lot of time in the museum.

While checking things out in the museum, there was a friendly staff person who came around and just started talking about the exhibits.  I had a great conversation with the fellow about Baltimore's role in the creation of duck pin bowling!

There is a great gift shop here too, and I thought the prices were reasonable.  You could get a local sports type shirt for $20 or so.  They had a great selection too!


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