A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pirates at PNC Park Pittsburgh

Yes, I know I have covered PNC Park in Pittsburgh over and over- and I am going to mention it again now.

Do I really have to say that I love this park?  I love this town too.  Pittsburgh has a very unique beauty to it. 

It is all its own, and the locals have a scrappy but friendly attitude.  Sure, they had their backsides kicked economically when certain industries left the area and shrunk, but they now have other industries.

I don't want to use the very tired old cliche of the Phoenix but.....

Let me try to think of some things to say about PNC that I haven't said on this blog before.  This is easily my favorite major league park to not watch a game at.  I mean, watching a game here is fun too, but there are some great things to do around the park that are totally Pittsburgh. 

Check out that view of the river!  Right behind PNC Park is a great walkway where you can see the city, and take in the bridges, the water, and that great distinct skyline!
I know the Parrot mascot has had some issues in the past, but I think he is over those now and I think he is a great mascot!  He was hitting balls in to the stands on the day we were there.

We were able to get obstructed view seats when we were there.  It was CROWDED!  We could get our seats, or standing room only tickets (thats all that were left).  I wasn't sure if that wasn't cool, or if I was happy to see such a crowd at a pirates game.

It was a bit scary at some points getting around when we were there because of the people packed in to the park.

The Pirates have started selling an "All You Can Eat" ticket.  I have to say that in general, I don't care for this. 

Here's why:

As a road tripper, I probably want to try the signature items at a park.  In Pittsburgh, I like ordering at Manny's.  If I get a pop, I want it in a souvenir cup.  And, I think these tickets jack up your ticket price by $15 or so.  Even at a ballpark, I can't eat that much food!

The Pirates were obviously having trouble accommodating the people who bought this ticket.  The lines in the "All You Can Eat" sections were LONG.

Speaking of Manny!  Manny was there as usual (I assume he is at every single game).  I had brought a couple of old cards to get him to sign, which he did, adding "God Bless" to each one as I bought a sandwich at his BBQ stand.  Manny Sanguillen is easily one of my all time favorites, and the fact that he still hangs out at the park to say hello to fans says a lot about him.  Getting his autograph makes coming to this park very special.

There are some nice hotels downtown, or right out of downtown.  Pittsburgh has several nice malls and great communities.  Catching a Pirates game is a great weekend trip from just about anywhere.


  1. I agree with you on the all you can eat seats. Generally the food is the low end dogs, burgers, nachos and popcorn, which usually aren't high quality at a ballpark anyway. If someone just eats the plain dogs and burgers at PNC they're missing out on the Primanti Bros. sandwich, Quaker Steak wings, and Pop's Potato Patch fries. Stuff is too good to miss.

    And there's always the risk of getting sick on what you eat, which becomes more pronounced when you're eating six hot dogs!

    Great pics...never had a bad day at PNC Park.

  2. Hey- thanks for stopping by Kurt! Yeah- there are too many other good food venues to check out- the "all you can eat ticket is just not needed at PNC.

    I have also enjoy every visit to this park! Great venue and a great town.