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Monday, January 18, 2010

Don Bradey 1964 Houston Colt .45's

Don Bradey played in 3 games for the 64 Houston team in 1964, marking his only MLB experience in his 15 year pro career. Don took a moment to write about several exciting stories that he experienced in baseball.

"Oct. 4, 1964 I walked into the club house in Dodgers Stadium. Luman Harris who had replaced Harry Craft as Houston's manager walked over to my locker and said you are starting today. I had not started a game in 3 years. I did not get out of the 1st inning. I don't think I have ever been any more nervous."

He also gives a great story from 1957. He walked into Vince Rizzo's office his first day in New Orleans after spring training. "I told the secretary I needed to see Mr. Rizzo. She told me he was only seeing ball players today. I said I was a ball player. She said I did not look old enough to play ball with the Pelicans."

In 1959 He pitched a double header the last day of the season trying to win 20 games. He says that he ended up winning 19. Mel Parnell was their manager. He was a great guy with a wonderful family Don says.

Don says that he played on 4 great minor league teams, noting the 1953 Colorado Springs Sky Sox, the 1960-1961 Little Rock Travelers, the 1962 Durham Bulls, and the 1963-1964 San Antonio Bullets.


  1. Hey, did you know that Don Bradey is somewhat of a mystery player for the Houston franchise? I'd love to contact him for a personal reason. I have a "complete" set of Houston Colt .45s baseball cards. There were 82 players--including Don. All 81 others have major league baseball cards. I need to know from Don if he has a card, if he has a photo from his .45s days, if he'd let me print a baseball card for him. The Astros want a photo for their fan site. He's one of only 2 former players over 49 years for whom they don't have a photo! --Glynn Ligon ligoncolt45s@yahoo.com www.colt45scards.info

  2. Wow! That is interesting Glenn! No photo at all?
    Thats a great site too, very well researched!