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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tales From the Pirates Dugout by John McCollister

I just thought I would put up a quick note about this book. I actually bought it while in Pittsburgh a year or two ago. I just checked, it looks like the publisher went bankrupt a bit ago, but the book is still available on Amazon.

The original cover price of $19.95 does seem steep at first for a book you can easily read in an afternoon. However, Amazon has many used copies much cheaper. My copy has a Ralph Kiner signature in it, making it worth full price to me.

The book has a lot of predictable fun stories about the Pirates in it. Most Pirates fans will know these, but it is still a fun read. Make sure you get a copy with a dust jacket, as this is a very attractive piece of art, showing many of the Pirates greats on the field together.

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