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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium- Kannapolis Intimidators

Kannapolis has an interesting team and park. We stopped by on a non-game day and checked the place out.

I am sure it is exciting on game day, but our time there was brief. It was hot and we did not have a lot of time.

I did like the info on the team that was posted inside of the stadium by the booster club. I like the information on the home areas of the team players.

An interesting item offered in the gift shop was a very long panoramic photo of the park made by a fan. You can buy a copy for $15!

Obviously, there is a lot of emphasis on racing here. To be honest, the place almost felt more like a racing shrine than a ballpark. I do appreciate that though. Baseball and racing fans both can stop here on their pilgrimages.

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