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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jim Barbieri 1966 Dodgers

Mr. Barbieri sent a kind note about he brief playing experiences in Kentucky. He says that the only thing he remembers about playing in Louisville was that it was hot and humid.

He mentions that one night, after a game, the team went out for dinner. They were having a good time, and forgot about curfew. Right after getting back to his room at the hotel, there was a knock on his door. It was his manager checking on him.

"I think he knew that I just barely made it because of my heavy breathing" Jim says.

Jim says that he remembers everything about the World Series, and that the lose was the biggest.

He does remembers meeting Boog Powell, as they played against each other in the 1954 Little League World Series. Boog played for Lakeland, FL. and Jim played for Schenectady, NY. Boog was the pitcher and Jim's team beat him 16-0. Boog got his revenge sweeping Jim's team in the 1966 World Series.

Thanks for the fun stories Jim!

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