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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame and Museum

The Kansas City Royals really impressed me during our recent trip through the area.

Like the Reds, the Royals have put a Hall of Fame for the team right there at their ballpark.

I know a lot of teams have some tributes, plaques, etc. but a full legitimate Hall of Fame is really nice.

The staff here was great. I asked a guy when I walked in if it was OK to take pictures. He said that it was encouraged!

This museum did a great job of covering the beginnings of the team, the history, etc. They had a fun display of stadium give aways and other relics. Uniforms and historic gear were also on display. George Brett factors significantly in the museum. In fact, there were Brett references all over the town.

In the back of the museum, there is a huge window over looking the park. It was a very nice touch.

Their World Series trophy is there!!! Tell me that is not cool!

In the gift shop, they were selling game used balls from games. I thought that was cool. I think prices started at $30. The balls had some documentation too, noting where they appeared in the game.

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