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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wild Pitches

Sports Illustrated has a couple of great articles again this week. I really enjoyed the Stan Musial article.

How can you not love Stan? SI has again done justice with a great article about a great player. AND there is a nice picture of him on the cover.

Tim Lyaden's Scorecard is excellent this week too. He talks about how the history books are being rewritten, doubted, and generally looked at again. He notes that A-Rod's home run number 600 might actually only be clean home run number 358. On the football side of things, he brings up USC giving back the Heisman Trophy of Reggie Bush.

Layden asks how far should we go with the changing of the record books.

The article has a bit of a humorous tone making a serious point.

Congrats to Garza and the Rays on the teams no-hitter. Finally, they were not on the receiving end of such a hard loss.

I have traded some emails recently with Dr. Ray Doswell of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. He found my entry about my recent visit to the museum and very quickly responded to some of the issues I noted. Ray obviously cares a lot about the museum, and what it represents. If someone mentions any sort of issues, he will address it. More on Ray and the NLPB Museum later.

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