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Friday, July 9, 2010

Larry Colton- 1968 Phillies

Larry Colton sent me a note recently!

"In 1968, the Phillies traded Jim Bunning to Pittsburgh, supposedly because they thought I was ready to move up to the big team and take his place."

He goes on to say that he got hurt and taking Bunning's place did not happen.

Larry mentions that Bunning went on to be a Senator.

He sent me this note in response to my question about having any Kentucky related stories.

Mr. Colton also mentions that Jim Bunning was very involved in the MLB player's Union. He mentions that Jim seems to have forgotten his Union past... and that he has forgotten a lot of other things!

I would like to thank Larry for his honest (and darn funny) letter. Also, Larry sent me a promo for his book that he wrote! I just got a copy for myself, so I am sure that I will get a review up soon after I read it.

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