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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amaury Pi-Gonzalez- A's Spanish language Broadcaster

Amaury sent a VERY nice letter about his time in baseball!

He mentions that he is in his 33rd season doing Major League Baseball broadcasts in the Spanish language! He has also done regular broadcasts for Fox Sports during the Caribbean World Series of Baseball from Latin America.

Amaury was recently inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame! He mentions that his friend and Voice of the Giants, Jon Miller, is being inducted wit him too!

www.bayarearadio.org/hof/ has more info on this event.

"I am back with the A's, where I got my start back in 1977 with the controversial and colorful Charlie O. Finley."

Amaury mentions that he is the only Spanish broadcaster to work for four different teams as their Spanish play by play guy. He has worked for the A's, Giants, Mariners, and Angels.

He tells me a very funny story about when he first got his start in 1977. He wrote to then A's owner, Charlie O. Finley asking him for permission/rights to broadcast in Spanish Charlie's response was, "Yes Amaury you can broadcast in Mexican."

Obviously, Amaury notes, Mexican is not a language, it is a nationality.

"I have been watching baseball since I was a 5 year old kid in Cuba, where I was born, but left after Castro declared the government there a communist country and freedoms were taken away."

Check out Amaury's website:

Thank you so much for your note Amaury. There is something so real, so "baseball" about a guy from Cuba approaching the A's and asking about broadcasting the games in Spanish. You love the game and you have brought it to a larger audience. You are still a great ambassador for the sport, taking the time to write a blogger like me such a nice note!

Your career is begging for a book to tell your story!

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