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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nick Hagen- River City Rascals Number 1/8th!

I mentioned Nick in a post several weeks ago.

The River City Rascals signed little person Nick Hagen in a tribute to Bill Veeck night. Veeck put little person Eddie Gaedel in a Browns game in 1951. Most baseball fans (and many non-baseball fans) know the story.

As far as I know, no little person has been used in professional baseball since Gaedel's appearance, until the Rascals signed Hagen!

I sent Nick a letter asking him about his place in baseball history!

Nick sent a great note back, mentioning that mine was the first letter of its kind he had received!

"I was very excited to sign with a Minor League" Nick says. He also mentions that he did not know anything about Eddie Gaedel, being only 16.

He does say that his Godmother seemed to know, and she called all of her friends about his signing!

Nick tells me about going to his first baseball game when he was 4. He won tickets from a summer reading program through the library. He remembers it well. a gentleman in a cart helped him and his family find the ticket booth, and get to their seats! He even stopped to get Nick a bat bag, some baseball cards, and a team poster! He had a very exciting time, though he remembers his seats being in the nosebleed section.

Nick talks about August 19th of this year, the day he was added to the Rascals roster.. He says it was a big day, starting around 5AM and lasting until 11:30 that night! He did practice hitting that day, and he notes that he was able to hit some balls.

"I will never forget that day."

Nick talks at length about how great the Rascals are and how nice the team was to him! We was also excited, as the Rascals won the championship!

Nick mentions that he loves the Cardinals, the Red Sox, and his favorite team is the River City Rascals!

Nick, thanks for the great note!

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