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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marty McLeary- Nashville Sounds

As the baseball season winds down, I thought now would be a good time to mention some of the players that I like to follow.

I did see the Nashville Sounds play towards the end of the season. Their starting pitcher was Marty McLeary.

Marty is one of those guys that has been up and down the system. He had some impressive moments with one of my favorite teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates in 06 and 07. He also spent a short amount of time making the show with the Padres.

He has dotted the map with all of the significant minor league teams, showing stuff worthy of a try out but not hanging around too long.

He is the kind of player that is fun to watch and support. You want him to make it and to stick.

Plus, he is a real life character mentioned in one of my all time favorite books about Max McLeary, the Frontier League umpire with a glass eye.

I am still hoping that Marty makes it. Sure, he doesn't have the best ERA, but I like his attitude, and his ability to hold on. I think he is a cool player out of a small Ohio town. I'm still in his corner.

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