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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elmore Leonard- Author and Detroit Tigers fan!!

Author Elmore Leonard is a very interesting character himself AND he has a strong connection to baseball and to Kentucky! The FX series "Justified" is based on a character from Leonard's writings- and it is set in Kentucky!

I sent Mr. Leonard a short note recently asking him about his home town team, the Tigers and about the very exciting series set in the best state ever!

Elmore took the time to send me a great note answering my questions!

"I think the actor playing Raylan is perfect; he delivers his lines the way I hear them when I'm writing his dialog. The pilot was from a long short story, FIRE IN THE HOLE, but he's in two of my books, PRONTO and RIDING THE RAP.
I'm not writing scripts, but a three-part story where Raylan will have three different situations to face that will add up to a book. But I'm fairly sure they'll use some of my situations on JUSTIFIED.
I've only seen the Tigers at Comerica twice this year. I watch them on the TV all the time.
I'm waiting to hear when the new shows will come on."

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