A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fluor Field- Greenville Drive

Greenville is a fun place in general, and it is a great baseball town. This might be one of the nicest parks around.

The park looks very much like the big league team's Fenway. They have a replica of the Green Monster in left. There is an apartment building right behind there (having an apartment with a view of a minor league park is a fantasy of mine!). The exterior looks great too!

There were plenty of staff around, but they all seemed friendly and enthusiastic. They did not take away from the game experience. In fact, I chatted with a couple of staff who seemed excited about baseball and about their team.

Other teams take note! A lot of helpful staff who are excited about minor league ball is a plus! Having a lot of staff around who are concerned about where fans are standing, sitting, and generally trying to justify their job by annoying fans is a minus!

We had a nice, long talk with one girl taking tickets who really seemed to know baseball and the Drive. She talked a little about Shoeless Joe, the team, this park, and the old park.

The other staff we talked to at this park were helpful and friendly too.

The Drive have a great area with pictures of players who have passed through the Greenville.

The Drive have a gift shop inside and outside of the park. Both had a great selection of various merch. They have one of those Build A Bear mascot set ups, and I think that is totally cool!

Also, Shoeless Joe Jackson's house has been moved right next door. Unfortunately, the house keeps very limited hours, and we did not get to see the inside. I am sure many baseball fans saw the Learning Channel's show on Shoeless Joe's house, with Josh Hamilton doing a lot of work on it during the move. I will get an entry up on what we saw of his house soon.

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