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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ty Cobb Museum- Royston, GA.

I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect from the town of Royston. The museum is in the front area of a bigger medical center building.

The town itself has a great small town feel to it. It is casual and relaxed.

When we first walked in to the building housing the museum, there is a gift shop to the right. You can buy your ticket to the museum there. It is $5 to get in, and you are buzzed in. On the day we were there, we were the only people in the actual museum area.

The museum itself is pretty small in size. The exhibits are grouped in sections with a lot of information. Though the actual museum is small, they have a lot of fun artifacts there. It is easily worth the $5 admission.

Many of Cobb's personal items were on display. The oddest item, hands down, had to be his dentures.

There is a very nice theater in the back with a great mural of Cobb's career. A 15 minute movie is shown.

I loved the gift shop here too. They had an impressive selection of books relating to Ty Cobb.

I picked up some postcards to send out, and the very friendly lady running the shop, museum, and some of the medical center operations asked if I would be mailing the postcards out from Royston. She advised me to send them from the post office just down the street, as a special Ty Cobb postmark could be applied. I did as she suggested, and had the cancel added to my postcards! The post office was friendly too.

She also gave us directions to Ty Cobb's final resting place (I will get an entry up with some pictures of that soon).

This museum is really great. It is affordable and very well done. It is easy to access and it is in a neat little community. The museum allows photography, and plenty of pamphlets on Ty Cobb are available.

There is a real recognition at the museum of Ty Cobb's contribution to this area which the community benefits from to this day. He paid for the hospital.

Also, I did not hear or see any mention of any players who came after Cobb and broke his records. I do love my Cincinnati baseball, but Cobb's career stands on it's own. No comparisons to tough players from later decades are needed. Ty stands alone.

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