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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lake Olmstead Stadium- Augusta Greenjackets

We planned to see the Augusta Greenjackets take on the Drive, but the game was called before the gates opened. The rain was really coming down. They were justified in calling the game off.

When you map out a baseball trip, you know a rained out game pretty much means you won't be seeing a game in that city. We had to be in Savannah the next day, so we would not be seeing a game played in Augusta at all.

Still, you want to make the most of your stop at the park.

We were there at 6, the time the gates should open. We were the only fans around as many of the locals had likely watched the local news for info on the weather. They were aware of the situation, and didn't bother coming to the park.

I told a couple of staff that we were from out of town, and it would be appreciated if we could see the field. The gates were open, and no one seemed to mind us walking around with a camera and an umbrella.

We asked the very kind staff in the Greenjackets front office about hitting the gift shop. They were obviously dealing with closing things up because of the rain, but they still very kindly accommodated us. After putting up some signs that the scheduled game for the night would be played tomorrow and changing the teams voice mail, a very kind staff person took us over to the gift shop and unlocked it for us!

For a baseball fan like myself, seeing a game or visiting a new park is always a thrill. For the crew that runs the park, a rain out might mean some extra time to spend with their family or a rare evening to relax. I am sure the gang at the Greenjackets wanted to get home since they are there almost every night. They still enthusiastically assisted me while I was there.

My pictures aren't that great (again, because of the weather) but I still had a good time during my brief trip to Augusta!

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