A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

McCormick Field- Asheville Tourists

Our first stop on our trip was to see the Asheville Tourists. This is another great Carolina town that I was excited to see. After a day at the Biltmore, a bit of time checking out their downtown, and ending our day at McCormick Field, my brain felt overloaded.
McCormick Field is a few blocks from the town's active downtown area. I did not get to spend as much time down there as I would have liked, but it looked fun.

McCormick Field feels more like a New York Penn League type field to me. Even though you are in an urban area, there is a lot of green above the outfield fence. I definitely would not call this park very modern. That dated feel, in my opinion, is appreciated.

The atmosphere was very local and family friendly. I saw many parents with their kids around. The park had that very local feel too, I saw a lot of people talking to all of the other people in their sections.

Oh, these guys have a great vendor. He got up and danced on the dugout between innings, and he actually announced that he could go home after he made his sales. He then pleaded (in a very joking way) with people to buy stuff from him!

Their gift shop was a little odd and small. They did not have a stuffed mascot toy, which I thought was wrong. They did have very cool Crash Davis Tourists shirts though. Oh, and they have about the coolest souvenir cup I have found. There is a group photo of the park on the cup. Its not a cheap plastic add cup like many parks are using now.

I really like the South Atlantic League. I have been following it for several years, since the former SAL team the Lake County Captains played close to my old home in Cleveland, and the Lexington Legends are close by these days. I have watched the Tourists play on many occasions, and it was fun seeing them play, for the first time, at their home field.


  1. Thanks for the shout out in your Blog I am the Vendor thatdances and trys to get people to buy his stuff to go home. That all came up by fluke over a year ago. I appreciate the kind words

  2. Hah! Man Tommy, I am so happy (and honored) that you found my blog! I would love to hear some Vendor stories!!! I bet you have some great ones! Your comment obviously begs the question, why don't you have your own "Vendor blog"?
    At the very least, I would like to hear about how your vending style started!

  3. I pretty much gave up Vending this year to move on to beer sales and better Tips. My send me home style got started last year when I got bored because it was slow one night. I wasnt selling anything and it was slow so I got about 20 peanuts in my case and just yelled out "I got 20 peanuts to sell till I can go home" and thats how it was born. I have yelled out some pretty incredible and outragous things to sell the stuff. I have yelled out things like "buy my peanuts my cat just gave birth to 8 kittens and they are hungry" .... which was very true to yelling out I was traumatized and had a near death experience in the ball park( a foul ball came bout 4 inches from my head. I the year and a half that I have been doing this I have only fail 1 time to sell everything I aimed for. Recently I came 6 crackerjacks short of selling it all.....needlessly to say they sent me home