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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bear Bay- Jack Hammers and Aeros

Ronald "Bear" Bay pitched in the Cleveland Indians system for a few years, in addition to a couple of other teams.

When I lived in the Cleveland area, I got to see him pitch a few times with the AA Aeros. He was one of those guys who had "it" and you really thought he was close to making it to the majors.

He played with style and talent, and he was one of those guys we were always cheering for.

Unfortunately, things didn't quit work out with the Tribe, and Bear found his way out of affiliated baseball.

I was excited to catch the the Jack Hammers recently, and to see that Bear has hooked up with this fun independent league team.

I sent him a note asking about his career, especially relating to the Akron Aeros and the Cleveland Indians.

Bear responded, letting me know that he is still very connected to the Akron/Cleveland area.

Bear says that he is in Cleveland a lot in the off season.

Also, he met his wife in Akron!!! So, Akron may not have been the next step to the majors, but I think Bear is still proud of the fact that he spent some time in the Tire City!

Congrats to Bear and his exciting professional baseball career.

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