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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Helen Rauner AAGPBL

I got the idea to do some sort of baseball blog some time before I actually started it.

I have loved baseball forever, and I really appreciate the odd footnotes in the sport. In fact, I get more excited reading a book about an obscure player form the 50s who only played a few seasons than I get about reading a book about a superstar of today.

My original idea was to have a blog mostly about the players who never made it to the majors, or the ones who had their cup of coffee. Often, their stories are the most fascinating.

I sent letters to all of the girls from the All American Girls Professional Baseball League some time ago. I thought their stories would be a great starting point for this web site.

I received MANY great responses. The girls are a great group to write to. Many sent some very kind and lengthy notes. I think I might try to get some of their responses up at a later time. Obviously I changed the topic of what my blog would become (though, in all honesty, this thing is not very focused).

I did get a very kind response recently from Lisa Harrington, the daughter of Helen Rauner. Helen was the chaperon for the Fort Wayne Daises from 45-46.

From Lisa- "Thank you for your request, however, my mother passed away on July 22, 2003. She really enjoyed receiving these cards and answering questions about the League."

Lisa also sent her mother's baseball card along. It is very sweet of Lisa to respond to such letters, and to send the polite response that she sent.

I will get around to some more information on this great league later.

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