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Friday, June 11, 2010

Wild Pitches

There is so much going on in baseball right now. I won't even touch the main stories going on right now. You can read about that stuff anywhere!

I know the new Negro Leagues Baseball stamps were due to come out several days ago, but I haven't seen them yet! I went to my post office this morning, and they said they had not seen them!

Also, and I will cover this more later, but I was at the Kansas City museum this past weekend, when they were supposed to be released. I asked the staff if any events or ceremonies were planned there for the release of the stamps, but they were not aware of any special events to coincide with the release (WHAT??!!).

I do know that several towns are offering special cancels to go along with the release. A couple of the cancels are listed at the USPS website. Check them out here:


There is usually a month or so grace period to request the cancels. Keep checking the USPS website for other related cancels.

Here is a great article from the Birmingham News about a former Negro League player in Birmingham, who now works for the postal service:


Anyway, watch out for the stamps and buy them!

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