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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Knights Stadium- Charlotte Knights SC

I am not sure what to say about Knight's Stadium.

I enjoyed my visit to this park and the area.

I went to the digitalballparks site to get some information on this one before going (that site, by the way, gets my highest endorsement, they cover everything). They mention that, when this park went up in the 90s, they were kind of hoping and expecting that a major league team might be lured to the area. The stadium was built with the thought that it might be expanded some day to something bigger.

The place never quit fulfilled those expectations. It is a nice place for a game, but it has that feeling, that maybe it could have been something more.

I almost want to compare it to a city. Some small towns start out as nice small towns. They were never expected to be big thriving towns, and they have small town charm. Then there are towns that feel like something more was supposed to happen there, and it never did. I can think of some Pennsylvania and Ohio towns specifically where industry has moved out, and that feel of some bigger expectation lingers.

Some small ballparks start out as nice little parks, and they keep that charm. Dayton's park comes to mind. The West Virginia Power, in my opinion, play is a very attractive little park. They have exceeded their expectations.

Then you have big parks that were built with something even bigger in mind.

Still, this is a great area with a great park. There was a big, enthusiastic crowd there when I went. The locals do seem to support it, thank goodness. I do hear a lot of friendly banter about the game and the players.

Still, with team rebuilding their parks in downtown areas, and some abandoning adequate, young parks in the process, you do ponder how long this park can continue.

I hope this place has some life left in it, as it has become a bit of a novel park. As mentioned, it was built with great expectations. Also, it is in the wrong state. If you are a fan of oddities in baseball, you must visit this park.

They have one of those cool baseball water towers near by too, which fits in with the skyline nicely.

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