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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wild Pitches

I made an error last week. The new Negro League baseball stamp from the US postal services has been delayed until the middle of next month.

I used to live in the Cleveland area, and I followed their farm system faithfully. I still do some. There were some fun players who I really thought had "it" and I expected that they might make it. For some reason or another, they find their way outside of affiliated ball.

On a recent road trip, I saw the Kansas City T-Bones at home play the Jolliet JackHammers. As I looked over the rosters, I realized, as I often do, I had watched many of these players play on other teams.

The T-Bones pitching staff included Reid Santos and Ryan Knippschild. I have watched these two guys pitch more than once in the Indians farm system. I am glad they are still playing pro ball, but I hope they get back in with the affiliated teams. Still, it was good to see them again.

For the jack Hammers, the lanky Bear Bay was on their pitching staff! I caught him in Akron a few times! I really thought he had it- and he still might.

Checking out the website for the Jack Hammers, I realise that I really want to visit their park, Silver Cross Field.


They have roof top seats AND a converted Muffler Man!!!

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